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A cracking idea worth millions

The World Record Egg on 4th January made its first post on Instagram, urging users to push its likes past the then-record holder, Kylie Jenner, for her baby-announcement post from nearly a year earlier. On Jan. 13, the anonymous egg broke Instagram’s record for likes, and at this writing has nearly 52 million.

These types of stunts happen all the time, mock up accounts come and go all the time but this time it seems to have worked. The lucky / genius person behind the account, whether it be an astute marketer, a global brand or maybe just an average Joe is sitting on a gold mine.

It's already made one deal, that is with Hulu and apparently all will be revealed today at the Super Bowl, so what's inside the egg? Or who is inside the egg? Also what does it teach us about marketing and creating viral content.

As i said at the top, these ideas come and go every month and as well as the great idea it also needs luck, luck of who sees it and when and who shares it more importantly. If an account like this gets the right shares from the right people then more see it quicker and it spreads faster and faster.

I'm looking forward to seeing the big reveal tonight...

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