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2019 is the year of the story

Instagram and Facebook stories are now common place, over 450 million daily users are on Instagram stories and that number is rising every day. From everyday users to brands and business it is becoming the norm to post directly to your story first.

Some of our clients are using less and less posts direct to their Instagram feed and concentrating all their efforts to the story, yes these stories will disappear in 24 hours but with a consistent approach your audience will become a custom to the regular updates and know where to look.

  • Want to absolutely smash Instagram stories in 2019, to be shit hot at it you need to be consistent, and that's consistent in your posting whether it's 3 times a day or 7 times or even 20 times a day this needs to be an every day thing. Don't just pick it up for 2 days then post nothing for 10. Because of this you need to know you can do it regularly so maybe pass on the batten to the team members too in your business.

  • Document your story, don't try and constantly create as this will soon take its toll on you. Document your daily office shenanigans or what products are selling fast, maybe tell the story of how to use your products or details the daily schedule for your gym.

  • When posting to stories don't add 5 photos in one go unless your making a pretty cool montage of a product or you're telling a story, try adding different stories over time. Remember these image for videos last 24 hours so you don't want them all disappearing at once.

  • Being consistent also means having a consistence in your look of the posts, if you're using a filter, use the same filter for all your stories and even pre plan story layout with a branded background.

  • Lastly it is Instagram stickers, we have written a few blogs on stickers and how they can be used to elevate your brand. Get adding your own and then use them in your stories, encourage your clients or members to use them too to further elevate your brand and reach a much wider audience.

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