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Do you have a hashtag

Do you even have your own hashtag bro? A unique word or phrase you use in your posts or on your marketing material?

Hashtags were coined by Twitter many moons ago and they have grown ever since, to be exact they were mentioned on Twitter by Chris Messina in 2007 (They were not started by Instagram as some 'marketing' people think)

It's worth having one, it's always difficult to direct people to every different channel you are active on social media and especially if your @ are not all the same but hashtags are pretty much used on every platform these days and having your own can make it easier to find you and your content.

One bit of advice is to research the hashtag before you use it, make sure it is pretty unique to you and your business and if you are using more than one word make sure it is clear, you don't want a Susan Boyle moment do you.

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