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Setting up a new business this summer?

We have spoken to nearly 20 new businesses over the last 8 weeks all in the first few months of setting up and going solo, all with great ideas, bundles of enthusiasm and ready to make a small fortune.

Nearly half of the businesses i have spoken to haven't made any start, some of the others have made a start but have waisted some time and money already trying to do somethings on their own and getting stuck in the process.

If you're going to start, then start with research. You probably already know your audience and your industry but there isn't any harm in doing more research, especially to see how others are doing it in your industry and how they are using digital marketing.

When it comes to the naming your brand or business and thinking of the logo and branding, get in the experts and do it correctly, spend some money and have a brand you're proud of and that you can't wait to show off.

Now the difficult question, why? Why are you setting up the business? Why would people purchase from you? Why are you any different to other businesses in your industry?

So you have answered the why's and you have your brand, now what?

Read our next blog to find out - What next

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