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Driving sales to your website

The Best Social Media Tactics For Driving Shop Footfall 👇

Of course social media is a key part of your marketing strategy - with over 1.6 billion active users on Facebook alone, have you ever been able to reach an audience that size before social media??

Having a clear social media strategy is very important for any business and it’s not just about driving traffic to websites and generating leads it can also play a big part in driving footfall into your shop.


Align what’s happening in your shop to your social media channels e.g if you’re running a campaign or promotion in store put it on your Facebook page too.

Be consistent so that it’s easy for your audience to instantly recoupnise your content as part of your brand. ‘Follows’ of your brand on social media isn’t enough and it doesn’t drive long terms results.

Try sharing exclusive information about your shop promotions or events. Customer like to feel important, so giving them exclusivity will drive them to your shop. How about a one-off preview of a new product or discounts for customers who enter your store and ‘check in’ on Facebook.

Another tip is to offer vouchers through social media to redeem in stores or hold a competition which involves customers going into your shop.

Then there’s paid advertising. Target customers on their exact geographical locations, giving away personalised promotions and offers.

If you like the sound of using some of these ideas and want help to implement them drop us a quick line at

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