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We're Award Winning Online Influencers

According to Cardiff based Zokit Awards we were lucky enough to win the Online Influence Award, it's our first award and we're beyond pleased to have won.

Out of 2000 votes we received 1000! Thank you very much to all our clients for taking the time to support us we really do appreciate it.

Attributes of influencers:

  1. Have an ability to affect the purchase decisions.

  2. Are seen as being an expert or specialist in a defined category or area (e.g. on fashion, or books etc).

  3. Have a big network of followers who are interested in that area, and so they can reach a lot of your target customer.

  4. Interact with their followers regularly, and so able to influence purchase decisions frequently.

  5. Are trusted and respected for their opinions, advice and recommendation not only due to their expertise, but also by being seen as being objective and independent from commercial pressure/ inducements.

  6. Have an ability to get people that follow them to get involved and to act – as they have been proven to be persuasive and effective.

Winning this award has given us an extra spring in our step and increased our ambitions for the future in our digital marketing services. We're extremely passionate about providing the best service possible and having the latest know-how and online techniques to help businesses get the most out of their marketing. Have you seen our latest video marketing tools including 360 video virtual tours and Snapchat spectacles?!

So what is online influence?

As social media becomes mainstream, there is a need and desire by companies to find out who they should focus on to get the most impact.

Influence is the latest hot topic when it comes to online activity, especially in the social media arena. With everyone and their mother (literally, their mothers!) now engaging in social activity online through tools like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the challenge has become for brands and companies to know who they need to focus their efforts on to have the most effect. What is an online “influencer”? Michael Brito in his book “Smart Business, Social Business” defines influencers as: “An influencer is someone with significant social capital – that is, influencers have sizeable audience on the social web…(they) are considered influencers because if their level of influence not the community reading their content”


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