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How to integrate marketing activities into the customer lifecycle in 2018

Marketing and digital marketing is becoming more and more complex, techniques like customer journey mapping, customer personas and user experience is becoming really important to inform your marketing communications to your customers at different stages of their buying journey.

What techniques do you use to research and improve your customers journey? Personas? Segmentation? AB testing, surveys? Net promoter score? It’s all about getting your customers' perspective via insight analysis. See it from your customers’ viewpoint and find the opportunities to market to them in a way they want to be communicated to.






Your typical lifecycle model – what marketing techniques do you use at each stage? Here’s some tips:

Reach – Here you need to create the demand and purchase intent. You might use TV, rado, print, events, display or search online ads, SEO, content marketing. All of these will add value to your customers.

Act – Now you’ve had a few purchases off the back of the marketing techniques used in 'Reach' what next? This is where social media, remarketing, merchandise and automation come into play.

Convert – At this stage your 1st purchase customer is ready for a repeat purchase or is still indecisive. Here’s how to get them to convert. Try more remarketing, multichannel selling and using user generated content like testimonials and reviews.

Engage – Now we’re looking at the most engaged customers with your brand, they’ve purchased before, left you a review and are ready to tell their friends. Don’t get sloppy though,

you still need to nurtutre this customer segment via personalised loyalty programs, remarketing and email contact plans. Don’t let them turn into a lapsed customer!


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