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Some stand out marketing campaigns for 2018

1. Amazon has introduced a ‘Silent delivery Station’ which will be entirely managed by deaf associates in order to create more job opportunities for them.

The station launched in collaboration with Mirakle Couriers has trained its deaf associates to deliver packages by bus or on foot to the radium of 2-3kms. The associates are also trained in sign language.

2. L’Oreal includes a Hijab-wearing model for first time in hair advert. In the campaign Amena starred alongside model Neelam Gill, Cheryl Tweedy, Dougie Poynte and other women across the UK. Amena has saif:’ Whether or not your hair’s on display, it doesn’t affect how much you care about it.’

L'Oreal casts a Hijab model for the first time ever in its hair advert

3. The Coca-Cola Company has launched World Without Waste, a brand platform that will promote its plans to develop 100% recyclable packaging and spearhead recycling behaviours globally. Coca-Cola has promised to help collect and recycle a bottle or can for every container that it sells by 2030. It will also invest in developing 100% recyclable packaging and reducing the amount of plastic in its bottles, aiming to manufacture plastic containers with 50% recycles content by 2030.

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4. The industry’s first voice search ranking report is produced by Roast. 2018 sees an evolution of the digital landscape with further developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the introduction of GDPR and even image search. Digital agency Roast used automation and software to run batches of queries across its test key phrase sets and clients. The data retrieved was examined to determine which domains and URLs have the highest levels of visibility across a set of key phrases; this breakthrough is a first in market Voice Search Ranking reports.

And our favourite:

5. A group of people with mini therapy horses are helping people feel good, and they depend on their vehicles to spread their equine version of happiness. That’s the subject of a new campaign for Hum by Verizon, an after-market connected car device that gives drivers insights about their vehicle and their driving experience. This is the story of the people who drive their therapy horses to brighten the days of kids with special needs, those in nursing homes, veterans and others who could use the joy of seeing and petting a mini horse wearing tennis shoes.

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It’s part of the brand’s new “Driving Good” campaign.


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