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The second coming of QR

Remember our blog back in 2017 that talked about QR codes and how we think they are bloody great... ok you might not remember the blog so here's the link -

But yes back then in 2017 we loved using them and creating QR codes for our clients marketing material to prompt clicks to websites and social media.. we over the last 12 months you have probably seen them more than ever.

The pretty basic tech of a QR (quick response) code has been around for over 20 years, it came on the scene in 1994 to be precise, and has had a pretty chilled out life since. But Covid has opened up the millions of squares to more and more people, with our iPhones now able to read them straight from the camera and link us directly to table bookings or menus so many businesses that have remained open have used them to their benefit.

Have you used a QR code in 2020 for your business and how did you find it? Placed any QR codes in any clever selfie spots? You can have that idea for free ;)


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