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How to be mobile friendly.

Are you reading this on a mobile? What if I told you 8/10 people are reading this on a mobile? Is your website or business ready? You may think I'm being dramatic but its true, it’s a huge wake up call for any developers and website owners who haven’t been proactive enough to update their sites to be mobile responsive. Google rolled out changes in 2015 to it’s algorithms that expanded its use of ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking factor. This means that a lot of websites out there could be hit pretty hard in the mobile search results.

According to the marketing company Merkle/RKG, 29% of the top 500 retail companies and almost 50% of the Fortune 500 companies do not have mobile friendly websites. So this update has the potential to cause a big upset in the world of e-commerce. Since the dawn of mobile devices and the increasing usability of them to browse the internet, it has been important for many years to update your site to be mobile friendly.

According to the advertisement network InMobi, a whopping 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices now, and other research groups have estimated that the amount of shoppers using mobile devices rose to 35% in 2014. So if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, that’s a lot of users that cannot view your site, and a lot of potential clients or customers that you can say goodbye to!

Furthermore, having a mobile friendly website is very good for SEO for the same reason. Two aspects of a webpage that Google considers in it’s ranking evaluation is Bounce Rate and Click Back. So is your website and business mobile friendly?

How many people are clicking on to your site then getting out of there and hitting the back button?

Ask yourself, how many times have you been so frustrated with a website you've just left it there and clicked through to the more user friendly alternative? We at Red Squirrel Marketing can help you, whether it's optimising your current site or building you a fresh new site that can WOW your existing and new customers on a desktop and on their mobile device. To learn more contact us today.

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