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More video from Facebook

We have been able to add video to Facebook now for many years, and the ability to add an image in a comment on a status for some time too but now it looks as though Facebook is allowing users to respond with video.

The social networking giant is testing the video comment feature in selected countries, so next time you’re thinking of responding see if you can add a video instead of just some words.

The features are available on iOS, android as well as web browsing. Just tap on the camera icon as if you were about to add a photo and a suggestion should appear. You’ll be able to record and share your response instantly, but the video wont auto play like some do in your newsfeed.

Facebook is hitting video hard with Facebook live now available on desktop allowing users to Facebook live with multiple cameras to create a more polished look as well as Facebook 360 recently releasing its first full feature length video too. It seems everyone is becoming more comfortable and confident in using video including brands and businesses.

Will this increase the number of videos watched daily? After Snapchat overtook Facebook in the daily video views.

If you need any advice on video, video marketing to help your business then let us know.

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