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Email Marketing in 2016

Last month we helped a client with their email marketing, the client has their brand identity and knows their tone of voice when it comes to communicating to their clients.

This is a great start but unless you can reach an extended audience you won’t grow, you won’t pick up new leads. The client is active in sourcing new leads and has compiled a great list of clients’ emails and potential customer emails from sign up forms and networking events.

Time for Red Squirrel Marketing to step in and assist with designing and delivering their email campaigns on brand. For this client we used Mail Chimp but there are other email marketing programs out there too; that’s another blog all together.

We sat down with our client, discussed their email campaigns and their overall design, their logo, colour palette, typography, tone of voice and also user friendliness.

All in all the email design and campaigns that followed were a success, they generated interest and sales for the client but they also extended their brand reach.

Here are some tips for your next email campaign, if its something where we can help with your campaigns then drop us an email


The first thing that marks a successful email marketing campaign is the successful conclusion of the ultimate goal - the actual delivery of your email to its intended destination - your subscriber’s inbox. Without it, you will really struggle to get the kind of traction your message deserves.

Responsive Design

In 2016 over 50% of brands will use responsive design for their marketing emails (The Science of Email Clicks: The Impact of Responsive Design & Inbox Testing) Optimizing email newsletters for mobile devices is a must. Not only are more and more users checking their mail on smartphones but the number of transactions made on mobile devices continues to grow ever upward.

Contextual email

Email response is strongly determined by the relevant timing of the message. The right message to the right person at the right time in the right context - this is the ideal email which can keep customers hooked around your brand. With new technologies it is possible to deliver dynamic updates, weather-based emails and real-time offers targeted to the segments of your list.

Using emotions

Emotions have a profound impact on our actions, also in email marketing. It’s our job to use content to connect to our audience's emotions. That's when we are most successful and when we get the highest engagement.

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