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Send Great Emails Before and After the Sale

great emails from red squirrel marketing

The most successful businesses send their best emails after the signup, purchase or conversion however most email marketing seems to happen before the sale but don’t forget this is just the beginning of the customer lifecycle. When was the last time you received a pleasant post-purchase email? Creating lifecycle emails require that marketers look at the whole customer, not just the sale. I was reminded of this after a recent John Lewis purchase where I received a post-purchase email that had clear copy, sharp design and personalisation. Communication is King when driving sales. If you’ve experienced great communication from a company, give them a shout out on twitter using #nutsabout……. Laying the Foundation Whether your customers subscribe or buy, write the first email to set the tone for your relationship. How about something like this: Hey there, Welcome to the world of Red Squirrels. For too long the Red Squirrel has been a secondary thought, a minor to the Grey Squirrel. We’re here to change that. Change the way you think about Red Squirrels. Change the way you gather your nuts. Challenge the stale marketing that many customers now ignore. At the end of the day, we owe it to ourselves and to our businesses to pay more attention to how we market our fantastic products and services every day. The first thing we do at the shop or office and the last thing we do before flicking the light switch shouldn’t be bland, boring or ineffective. That’s why we’re raising the bar with creative, fun, professional and stand out marketing advice for those who dare to Make a Change. Sincerely, Red @ nutsabout This email is essentially a mission statement. It lays the foundation for the rest of the customers experience. The Welcome Message A day later, a more traditional welcome email should arrive. We like the 1-2-3 method to share three important things that differentiate your company: high quality, great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This email is all about alleviating anxiety. Only using PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS. Welcome to a different level of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. If that’s not enough, we even deliver for free with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. So what’s stopping you? Join the Red Squirrels The First Offer Three days or so later, an offer should arrive. Boradly personalised for those who haven’t made a purchase yet. Make it shine with simplicity and clarity using as few words as possible. HI! I couldn’t help but notice that you haven’t contacted us yet! Lucky for you, we’re offering 20% off your first order for the next few hours. Fear not: if you don’t love our product/service, there is no need to send it back! Just respond back to this email and we’ll work with you to find that perfect solution. How’s that for a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Just use code REDNUTS for 20% off your first order at Sincerely, Red @ nutsabout A Different Type of Content Marketing A good next step is then to create a design of the month with creative visual content to get subscribers interested. Maybe a theme of clothing or particular service offering. An email like this arrives each month, creating an expectation of new designs and photos. It’s also a good idea to use this content to support your social media strategy in between the monthly email. The Cross-Sell Email Six weeks, and five emails later,and you’ve still not had a purchase? That’s when the corss-sell email arrives. It announces that you sell a collection of another type of product that you’re nuts about! If one product/service doesn’t work, maybe this will. (Remember to leave plenty of time before deviating from your core product) The Black Friday Email Some must do’s:

  • A fantastic deal.

  • Loaded with social proof in the form of customer testimonials.

  • Offer a “Plan B”, i.e buy them for yourself or give as a gift.

  • Clear, bold buttons to drive action.

  • This is normally the last email received before recipients become a customer

For Example:

BLACK FRIDAY EVENT 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WHEN YOU SPEND £150 OR MORE* OR WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE TO X ENTER REWARD CODE BLACKFRIDAY AT CHECKOUT OFFER EXPIRES 11:59 PM 31.3.16 After the Purchase Hopefully people will enjoy your emails, see you in local media and hear all about your tweets and be convinces that their marketing is due for an upgrade… The Monthly Update The best emails are both expected and surprising. You know it’s coming but you don’t know what’s in it. As always make sure the design is consistent and engaging and more importantly the clear direction to the shopping basket. We’re nuts about email marketing. More than 1000 of you currently enjoy our newsletter. - Join Us Some useful email marketing tools: Litmus Email Institute/ Epsilon MailChimp

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