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How much does a logo cost?

That question gets asked 10 times a week, via email, text message or facebook message to the Red Squirrel page. There isn’t anything wrong with asking and we get straight back to people to ask for more info, but don’t be surprised when a few hundred pounds is quoted.

We have worked with a number of businesses with design work, from branding, logo design, logo creation, websites etc etc. Some projects are large and take weeks, others take days and have a quick turnaround, with logo design and creation you’d think the latter and it would be a quick job. WRONG!

Pili Pala logo design

Designing a logo from scratch isn’t easy, designing a series of logos from scratch and pleasing the client and the same time just added some difficulty to the task.

The idea stage of the process is done face to face with a client, getting to know their likes and dislikes, knowing more about their brand, their product and themselves.

The next step is designing some mock ups, sending these to the client who you hope will love at least one of your ideas, then it’s maybe back to the drawing board or just some small adjustments to the finished article.

The final step is creating the final logo design, some alternative colour designs and presenting these to the client in a professional manner, viola we’re finished and everyone is happy.

So how much did that cost? Between 7 – 15 hours of design work, another possible 3 – 4 hours of refining after the feedback and up to 2 hours on phone calls or emails throughout the process. In money terms you’re looking at a minimum of £300+

If you’re a brand new business and looking for a new logo or rebrand it’s worth having it done correctly and professionally, that £49 logo from a store online is great until you see 3 other businesses using the same logo too! Horror story but we have seen them all to often.

The first meeting with a new client is always free, and we even get you a coffee so winner winner! Let us know when you would like to meet and discuss your project, look forward to hearing from you.

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