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When a business or brand nails it!

We've all seen a business or brand and thought, they’ve done their home work and nailed their marketing. For some it’s a stroke of luck but for most it takes good planning and fine-tuning of some ideas. (as design and marketing buffs we love a good bit of branding)

When you or I love a brand we connect with it on an emotional level, it makes us feel something and we want to be part of it; a bit deep I know but think of your favourite brand and it gives you a rush.

One brand that we think have nailed it are Coffi Co, a coffee shop in the heart of Cardiff Bay next to the Dr Who Experience and Gloworks. A quirky name, fun branding and a youthful look inside and out this place appeals to us on so many levels.

Their strapline of ‘Our coffi, your way” and #coffihead hahstag brings to life the brand and has you hooked, it calls out to you and invites you in. The coffee house is built in a modern ISO Space with interior and exterior seating, some of which are deck chairs. GENIUS!

Their website is modern and clean and social media is all on point, they’ve recently rejoined twitter that has been dormant since Christmas; all this coupled with great service and a pretty mean looking menu this place is a lesson to any start ups looking to make an impact.

Be fun, be honest, connect with your clients and give people what they want, hats off to you Coffi Co, you’ve made a #coffihead out of me.

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