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Top 6 Locations to Place Keywords in Blog Posts for the Best Optimisation

SEO (search engine optimisation) is key to website design and a big part of ensuring high ranking in search results. Writing SEO friendly blogs is not as difficult as you might think. You just need to focus on where you place these important keywords.

Whatever you do, don’t compromise your blog posts content quality for SEO. Place keywords in naturally for reader and search engines alike. Adding too many keywords into blog posts is not a good thing for your search engine results.

The top 6 locations to add keywords in your blog posts include:

1. At the first and last paragraph

Always remember to add your main keyword in the first and last paragraph of your blog content. Search engines look for keywords in these two places to decide on rankings. (Don’t overuse the same words, instead use multiple and relevant words or phrases. Using multiple related words will protect your content from looking like it’s been keyword stuffed)

2. Tag images, Alt and Title Tags

Images are great to break up your blog post text, but don’t forget to optimise them too.

3. Post Titles

The best place to add targeted keywords. Yes by all means post titles should be catchy but don’t forget the keywords. Meaningful post titles grab readers and search engines attention.

4. Permalinks

This is the URL for your blog posts. It’s the ultimate position for keywords so make sure they’re good ones! (these are normally formed based on your post titles but you can add custom ones)

5. Post Labels

Don’t use non keyword rich names for your post labels anymore. Put in your keywords. Post labels can be used to categorize your blog posts and if used smartly with keywords they can add benefits to SEO too.

6. Post Comments

Whenever you reply to a readers comment on your blog, try adding some keyword phrases in your reply.

Do you have any questions about keywords or SEO in your website design? Please ask away in the comments box.

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