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Top 6 Best Website Homepage Design Examples (including Aberystwyth)

Your website homepage is effectively your virtual front door. If a visitor doesn’t like what they see expect them to hit the ”back” button.

You have about 3 – 5 seconds to grab visitors attention so make sure your homepage shows exactly what your business does in a nutshell.

So what makes a website’s homepage design GREAT instead of just another website?! To start its got to look good, be easy to navigate and WORK WELL. That’s why we advise all new clients about to launch their websites to ask their friends and colleagues to test their website and give an honest opinion.

Your website need BEAUTY and BRAINS.

Lets take a look at some best practices for homepage design.

  1. Relate to your target audience. A homepage needs to be focused to your customers. What do they want to see and find out? Speak in their language. The best homepages avoid “corporate spiel” and eliminate all the fluff.

  2. Clearly state who you are, what you can do and what the visitor can find out here. So most of us aren’t a well known brand as big as Nike so we’re unlikely to be able to get away with not having a description about us. Businesses need to reassure visitors that they are in the right place. Don’t make visitors think – if they can’t identify with you in a few seconds they’re off.

  3. Value Proposition “corporate spiel”? not quite. So you have your visitors attention now how to keep them interested…your value proposition is what keeps people on your website and not your competitors (what makes you different?)

  4. Call–to–actions (CTAs) are a must. Direct visitors to the next logical step.. so they’ve read about how great these tyres are but how do they buy? Examples of CTAs are “Free Trial” “Book an appointment” and “Learn More”. The art of the website game is to encourage visitors to dig deeper into your website and move them further down the sales funnel.

  5. Optimize for lots of devices. Stay clear from flashy images that get in the way, pop-ups etc.. don’t over complicate it. Mobile, mobile, mobile don’t get caught out by not making it easy for people on the go that want to find out what time that cinema showing is tonight.

  6. Keep the homepage up-to-date Change images, text etc. of your homepage. It helps with SEO but also your visitors want to see the latest and greatest. Running an offer on a product or service, then definitely put it on your homepage.

Website Design Inspiration That we’re #nutsabout

1. Airbnb

Why we’re #nutsabout

  • It’s striking.

  • Greets you with a video.

  • Its human

  • Its authentic

  • We love the auto fill search form

  • Great use of CTAs.

2. FreshBooks

Why we’re #nutsabout

  • It’s easy to understand.

  • Lots of Primary CTAs e.g “Try it Free for 30 days”

3. Tango Tours, Aberystwyth

Why we’re #nutsabout

  • Good use of imagery.

  • Tells a story.

  • Easy to navigate.

  • Looks professional

  • Plenty of CTAs.

4. D M Davies, Aberystwyth

Why we’re #nutsabout

  • Does what it says on the tin.

  • Strong use of imagery.

  • Informative…did you know this much about flooring?!

  • Testimonials are always great to use.

5. PSA.Wales, Cardiff

Why we’re #nutsabout

  • Cool design.

  • Easy to navigate.

  • On brand.

  • Mobile Friendly.

  • Good use of social media links.

6. Dairyscope, Shrewsbury

Why we’re #nutsabout

  • Clear product positioning.

  • Plenty of options in the navigation.

  • Good use of promotional offers.

  • Who knew cows had comfort?

If you are planning a new website and need some help then come and ask us, we can assist you with design, design and build or just give your website a free audit.

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