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Social Media in 2017

January has flown by! New projects, new clients and more than ever are coming to us for help with their social media marketing and content on their platfroms. Clients in Cardiff and Aberystwyth are beginning to see that telling a story and doing it through social media is opening new doors for them.

2017 is going to see more and more businesses launch new products and campaigns on social media first, just like John Lewis and their Christmas ad last year.

Here are some predictions for 2017

  • LIVE video is going to once again grow, and on all platforms

  • Social media selling, yep you’re going to do your shopping on instagram

  • VR will slowly grow

  • Facebook will continue to bring in new updates to keep us 'in the app'

  • Brands will use more and more live messaging for customer support

We can’t wait to start on some of our upcoming projects with our new and old clients, social media is here to stay guys, big business, small business you need to be using it and using it correctly.

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