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Twitter is dying!

I think I've heard this at least 10 times over the last week while having social media meetings with businesses in Aberystwyth and Cardiff, but is it dying?

Yes it's loosing users day by day but should you jump ship? Definitely not, if you think it's already dead then you're just not using it correctly.

Twitter is one of, it not the most social of social networks, you can interact with anyone and everyone. Now that is the issue with most accounts, there isn't any interaction.

You post your blog, you post a funny joke and even funnier GIF but nobody talks back to you. Why? Because you're not social enough and you don't interact with anyone, so why would anyone bother with you.

I love using twitter, we don't have a bot attached to it, it's all human to human interaction. No automated messages just automated blog tweets, we reply to every message, every tweet whether it's positive or negative.

Guess what? It works, we have over 10k profile visits a month and over 130k tweet impressions over the month too, along with over 400 clicks to our website.

Use twitter correctly, be social, have fun and interact. It's not a one way street, if you use it that way it's going to be a lonely street.

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