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Coast to Coast Digital Marketing

It's great having clients in Cardiff and Aberystwyth, from coast to coast we have helped a number of businesses with their digital marketing, social media management, websites and more to better promote their business or service.

Over the last 3 weeks we have travelled to Aberystwyth from Cardiff no less than 6 times and met with more than a dozen of our clients as well as an another 10 businesses looking for a better understanding of digital marketing.

Over the last few weeks we have spoken to businesses in West Wales about the importance of Social Media as well as how advertising on these channels correctly can better propel the business to new customers without breaking the bank, we have also spoken to businesses who are looking to advertise on TV and Radio as well as brand new start ups who need new websites.

Paula who we spoke to this year to offer some digital marketing advice to said

"Red Squirrel Marketing are fab! They do their research and pick out key issues to improve your business - and they'll often offer no-obligation advice. I'd definitely recommend them!"

We meet with businesses every week but we also follow this up with emails or skype calls, it's great to talk to businesses and we can't wait to speak to more. if you need help or advice then let us know, we offer FREE consolations for any business of any business size so lets grab a coffee soon.

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