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Some Summer Social Media Updates

Nothing much changes more in marketing than social media, mainly the updates and opportunities they offer as they look to improve their service to the end user and business user. We manage a number of social media accounts for a variety of businesses in Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Swansea and London and we see the changes happened on a daily basis.

Some of you would have noticed that some of the social media channels are merging in to one with the introduction of the "story feature" on snapchat, then instagram and then facebook.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great tool for small business and we always encourage using it when setting up marketing campaigns however large or small, Facebook ads recent update is it's testing of custom audiences based on visits to your physical location.

If you have your locations settings turned on with Facebook then it knows where you are and where you've been, this is valuable info and it happily sells it to businesses who want to target you after a visit, clever? Yes. Creepy? Somewhat.

It's only in a testing phase at the moment but it won't be long until you are thrown a few Facebook ads after visiting your dentist, coffee shop or nightclub.

Instagram Comment Threads

Facebook isn't the only channel making changes, it's little sister Instagram is making some UI changes to it's comments, allowing the use of comment threads and replies rather than a long list of confusing comments.

This isn't ground breaking stuff but it will make things easier especially if you have to sift through 12 robot comments before you can get to a genuine reply to you beautiful picture of an apple.

Facebook Newsfeed Redesign (again)

We'll keep this short and sweet as we see a small change every week to the newsfeed, anyone notice the appearance of circular profile pics rather than square? Well it's making more changes to improve the usability of its newsfeed on mobile. Can you spot the difference?

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