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Twitter opens up 280 characters to all 🙈

Late last night twitter updated everyones settings to allow 280 characters, some of you will love it and will cram every tweet with 270 plus characters. We have had the settings turned on a few weeks now and are loving the new space to add an extra few emojis and a link at the end of every other tweet.

"With great power comes great responsibility" said by Voltaire? Spider-Man? Winston Churchill? Theodore Roosevelt? Franklin D. Roosevelt? Lord Melbourne? John Cumming? Hercules G. R. Robinson? Henry W. Haynes?

Early this morning we saw a number of tweets making the most of the new limit, this will soon die down and we will get back to normal, sharing our opinions about everything and catching up with Donald Trump via twitter.

One thing that should be on the horizon for twitter is an edit button, even if it's just available an hour after you tweet something. We hate a great tweet, loads of retweets and engagement only to find we spelt something wrong.. give us an edit button twitter, please!

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