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Be consistent in your marketing

Being consistent is something that we hear all the time, not just in business and marketing but in life as a whole, a consistent diet or consistent exercise plan always see the best results.

So in business and specifically marketing, how can you be consistent. When I say this to businesses I don't mean you have to post the same amount of posts per day or same times etc but more a consistent presence over the period of a month or two months.

Social media can be tough to maintain a consistent presence, it takes effort to post every single day but it's ok to miss a day or two just make sure you jump back in, the same notion for updating your site with articles or a blog. If you miss a post or two over a week or two, don't let that stop you; pick yourself up and get back to it.

Consistency over months and years always pay dividend, a clear message on social media or valuable updates on your site over this time will generate a readership and interest in your business.

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