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Working and traveling

I have been lucky enough this year to already have some great epic trips away, I'm currently writing this 35,000 or so feet in the air; but as much as it is great to get away to see family and friends I always have my laptop and phone with me to pick up on work where I can.

I know some may say, "hang on you're on holiday, don't bother working" that would be fine but working for yourself and being freelance; you're on your own and it can be stressful just to turn off and shut down for a few days or even a week. So having my tools with me gives me peace of mind that if something was in desperate need to complete I can keep the client happy.

Obviously being able to do this requires the support of your family, my wife and the rest of my family give me huge support day in day out and none more so than when I am away. As someone who wakes up early I can crack on with any work or emails first thing in the morning and then later again that day.

Find a balance and before you go away talk to your family about working while away, be open and explain when you may need to work. If you are going to check emails through the day, don't let any emails effect what you're doing. I have had a client cancel our services while being away, but if there's nothing you can do about it then don't stress.

As well as talking to your family, explain to your clients that you are away or going away and will have limited access to email or calls, especially if you're the other side of the world. Clients won't mind that you're away, you deserve a break remember.

Working while on holiday isn't for everyone but I think I have found the balance that works for me and works for my family. If you have any advise for working and traveling then do let me know.

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