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Google Goes Green

St Patrick’s Day Google doodle turns the logo green with a leaping shamrock, take a look at this.

google green

Today’s Google logo was designed by Irish artist and animator Chris O’Hara.

Google is avoiding getting pinched today with an animated logo that turns itself green in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

Designed by Chris O’Hara, an Irish artist and animator currently working in Los Angeles, the Google St. Patrick’s Day logo includes a leaping shamrock that jumps from letter to letter, turning each letter green as it goes. “Today in Ireland, the home of this holiday, there will be singing, dancing, parades, and potentially pinches for those of us who forget to wear our green!”

“We hope it reflects the boundless energy and welcoming spirit of Ireland, as Google sports green for the great Éire,” says Google on its Doodle Blog.

The logo leads to a search for St. Patrick’s Day and includes a sharing icon to post the logo on social pages or send via email.

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