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Busy morning talking Social Media

First of all thank you to everyone who took part in our first Power Hour, an hour of FREE Marketing advice for business.

Well we had a busy morning yesterday, downed our Photoshop and After Effects from 9-10am and offered free advice on Social Media Marketing. We offered the chat as we have emails every week asking us about everything and anything marketing.

Yesterdays subject was Social Media for business, we had questions covering most of the social platforms and we were able to help with some tips and tricks for those social platforms.

We had questions on twitter and its anticipated update, how to better engage with followers as well as what’s a GIF? Questions came in about pinterest and instagram and how to best start using these for business.

A successful morning of helping out local and not so local business with their Social media, we’re looking forward to the next chat where we will be offering advice, tips and tricks on email marketing for business.

If you have any questions in the meantime please ask, or on facebook or twitter.

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