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How to do Search Engine Optimisation SEO


Here's how to do SEO in a snapshot:

1. Commit yourself to the process. SEO isn't a one-time event.

2. be patient. SEO isn't about instant gratification.

3. Ask a lot of questions when hiring an SEO agency.

4. Become a student of SEO.

5. Have web analytics in place at the start.

6. Build a great website.

7. Include a site map page.

8. Make SEO friendly URLs.

Here's 10 actionable techniques you can use straight away:

Spend a couple of minutes everyday to tackle one of the below SEO techniques.

1. Find broken link building opportunities on wikipedia. Use a simple search string:[keyword]+"dead link"

Then you could re-create that dead resource on your website and replace the dead link in Wikipedia with yours.

2. Discover untapped keywords on Reddit.

3. Update, upgrade and republish old blog posts.

4. Copy Adwords ads to make killer title and description tags. For example if you were going to publish a blog post optimised around the keyword "SEO services Cardiff" first take a look at the Adwords ads for that keyword to see what long tail phrases they've used in their descriptions.

5. Find A+Link prospects on AllTop.

AllTop is a modern day directory that curates the best blogs in every industry. Go to their homepage and search for a keyword.

6. Use benefit-focused content.

7. Link out to authority sites.

Try and link to at least 3 quality, relevant sources in every piece of content you publish.

8. Write mini blog posts for YouTube descriptions.

Google relies on your video's text-based title and description to determine what your video is about. This extra text can help you rank for your target keyword.

9. Publish content with at least 1800 words.

Long posts show Google that you're providing in-depth information for searches.

10. Remember the "First link priority rule"

If you have two links pointing to a page on your site and both of these links are on the same page. Which anchor text does Google pay attention to? Only the first link.

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