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Marketing from Cardiff to Aberystwyth

Current. Fresh. Bold. Marketing.

That’s feedback we’ve had since working with businesses in Aberystwyth.

Who’s behind the Red Squirrel team?

Red Squirrel Marketing was set up around 18 months ago by my partner and I with the goal of bringing city slick marketing ideas to local businesses in West Wales.

Having grown up in Aberystwyth and Cardiff we know the importance of a face-to-face business that understands local business needs. With nearly 20 years combined experience in design and marketing working in senior marketing roles in various industries (agriculture, finance & sport to name a few) we have a wealth of experience within the team. To back up our knowledge our qualifications do the talking – we have Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM qualifications in strategic and digital marketing and a degree in graphic and motion design. We also regularly attend marketing conferences in London to stay ahead of the latest techniques. We strive to be the local, fresh and current marketing agency in Aberystwyth.

So what does Red Squirrel Marketing actually do?

We‘ve found that being able to offer a broad range of services makes us the one-stop-shop for all of a businesses marketing, advertising and design needs. We don’t just offer websites. From exhibition organization, company re-brands to the graphic design of marketing material, social media management and of course everything that’s involved with website design (including SEO).

My favourite and specialty is social media. There’s so much a business can do on social media to get its message out there and engage with potential customers. I’ve been managing businesses social media channels since 2009 and continue to see a huge value for my customers. Social media brings personality to your business and after all isn’t every one on some form of social media these days?! We’d go as far to say that potential customers will first check out your Twitter or Facebook page before your website.

My other expertise is video. Nothing is more engaging than a video telling the story on your website, social media page, exhibition stand or TV ad. Video marketing can come in the form of animation, corporate and testimonials. We like to include aerial photography into the mix too, which gives our clients videos that added extra.

Video marketing

When it comes to video, we are no longer watching TV as much as we used to but instead we are spending more and more time on our phones, pick up your phone now and take a look at any social media platform. Full of images and videos isn’t it?

The John Lewis Christmas advert we can’t wait for every year is fantastic marketing, but this year the retailer gave us short trailers via social media and delivered teasers straight to our palms.

The time we are living in now is all about the phone, we can pretty much do anything from it and we are becoming more and more reliant on it. For this reason video marketing is big, short video adverts, moving GIFs or even feature length videos are all over the internet and for your brand to stand out you need to be there too.

If you’re not using video marketing yet, you’re too late! But don’t be scared, we can help you catch up and even get ahead of the game in your area. From live action video, aerial photography, animations and how to videos they all contribute to your successful marketing campaign.

Customer Experience

Free advice

We’re a friendly bunch and like meeting with new and old faces for a coffee and some FREE marketing advice. Smaller businesses often think marketing is going to cost a fortune, which is why we offer advice and training as well as a marketing solution tailored to your budget. We care about local businesses and the importance of local independent businesses in Aberystwyth, which is why we’re so passionate about what we do. We want to see our customers prosper and grow.

What’s next?

With a great customer base in Aberystwyth already we want to expand our clients’ knowledge in marketing by holding more workshops, free advice and delivering great ‘how to’ ebooks. The business has grown a lot in the last 18 months and we can’t wait to expand further by incorporating more and more expertise.

If you’re interested to learn more about us or how we’ve helped local businesses check us out on: or email

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