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Can you hear that video?

Do you use Facebook video on your page? Does it rely on sound? Most of the time we are viewing videos with no sound, perfect when you’re in work (naughty) or when you’re in bed and the other half is asleep. So there’s no surprise that when a video plays with sound most react negatively and move away from the post.

So a video with no sound works better, but how do you convey a message in mute? Through captions of course!

You could always import an SRT (subRip) file to do this, but since October, Facebook has started rolling out its auto-captioning feature to more Pages. Today most have it (do you have it on your page?)

The tool is powered by Facebook’s voice-recognition software. In most cases, it gets it perfectly right (make sure your speech isn’t muffled). And you can of course review and edit the auto-generated captions before publishing your video. This feature is available for videos already posted.

To start adding auto-captions to your video, head over to your video library, select the video you want to edit and click on “Captions.” If your page has the feature activated, the “Generate” button should be right there.

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