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Social Media Trends you can Profit on in 2016

What’s the next big thing? 1. Social shopping Buy things straight from your newsfeed? Sounds interesting hey. Up until now we rely on our tweets to direct users to our website with the hope of purchasing, how much easier would it be if they could buy then and there. This is already taking form on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Facebook has been testing a Buy button so you can purchase without ever leaving the social platform. One of the biggest challenges with social media has always been to show a return on investment – this could turn the tide for measuring your social media efforts. Some things you can do now:

  • Join the pinterest waitlist or use Buy It if you’re on shopify.

  • Check your facebook page ads to see if you have the “Buy” option tuned on for yur call to action buttons.

2. Facebook at Work Announced last year, Facebook at Work is looking at a work-specific social media zones for co-workers to communicate with one another. Create and join groups to collaborate on projects. 3. Chatting apps We all use it to stay in instant touch, WhatsApp. Plus there’s no algorithm and no ads. What do you think about a WhatsApp newsletter?

If you want to learn more about using social media for your business contact us today.

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