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How to Track ROI of Your Video Marketing

Are your marketing video campaigns working for you?

Do you want to know some tools to help you track sales?

More importantly...want to keep ahead of your competitors?

In this video you'll discover how to track and measure the ROI for your video.

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Are you struggling with showing what value your video marketing is giving your business? Need some tools to help you show the ROI?

Firstly, start off with looking at how much you have spent on video marketing. Include a 20% buffer for unexpected costs e.g invest in more editing. Or let us take away the pain with our video marketing package to make life easier than going it alone.

How many sales do you need to make from your video marketing to break even? Everything else is then pure PROFIT. E.g if you spend £500 per month you should expect to see sales go up by more than £500.

Track people that watch your video and then go on to make a purchase by using web tools to embed code that links your video to your website.

BRANDWATCH is a good tool to see your companies brand awareness. You can see if your campaign is working and if your building a positive reaction to your brand via your video.

CLICKY allows you to breakdown website visitors by marketing demographics and their activity LIVE! Audience demographics can be critical to determine your ROI but also why a particular strategy may or may not be working. Maybe your targeting the wrong demographic?!

WISTIA offers one of the most advanced video analysis suites available. Not only does it provide demographic info but also directly tracks engagement. You can see how long visitors watched and what actions they took when they finished watching (including any purchases they may have made)

YOUTUBE offers analytics via insights that also breaksdown your viewers by demographics and tracks outgoing clicks. You can embed marketing prompts directly to your Youtube videos so you can funnel your viewers directly into a sales channel.

Once you’ve measured your ROI, look at ways to improve it. Any marketing campaign needs TIME to grow and develop BUT there are tactics to use to improve your metrics (video marketing campaigns are not special here, they require the same management and optimization and analysis a other types of marketing campaigns)

Ask yourself:

  1. Is your campaign targeted to your core demographics?

  2. Are any core demographics responding negatively?

  3. Are viewers abandoning your video marketing? If so, why? This will happen for reasons like theyre not in the mood to watch a video at that moment or simply they clicked the wrong link. Use a tool like Wistia to see why.

  4. Is your video giving viewers a solid Call To Action CTA? Do people know what steps to take next?

Answer these questions to see what you need to improve.

What do you think works well for your business?

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