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Time to get more in your tweets

Twitter still wont allow more than 140 characters in a tweet, and we think that’s a good thing, but if reports are correct we will soon be able to pack more info into them.

red squirrel marketing twitter bird

By time you throw in a #hashtag and a mention you’re left with a few remaining characters; but then you want to add an image or a link and there’s no more room! #frustrating! In as little as two weeks images and links may not count as part of the 140 character limit, leaving us free to be add more.

Currently when you add a link or an image you use up more than 20 characters, even if you shorten URL.

We are looking forward to the change and having an extra 20 characters to play with, do you think it will have much of an impact or are we heading towards character overload?

Obviously tweet us with your thoughts? @nuts_about_ (but please saty in the current 140 character limit) thanks #nutsabout to find out more on our social media management options.

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