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Branding Services For You

Branding – it’s much more than just a logo.

A brand identity is what represents your company visually. Think about it when you see those lip licking adverts from M&S you know it’s them way before you’ve seen their logo…this is their advertising in support of their brand. It’s recognizable as them.

A brand identity can be in the name, logo, styling, fonts, colours, images and icons – it’s what distinguishes you from competitors.

Creating a strong brand takes time, serious thought and skill. After all it’s got to be unique to your business.

What forms a brand identity?

  • Logo Design

  • Stationery

  • Website

  • Social Media Management

  • Marketing material including brochures, leaflets, adverts etc..

  • Signage

  • Staff Uniforms

  • Vehicle Livery

Brand guidelines are essential once you’ve discovered the exact look and feel for your business. Consistency is key (with a bit of artistic flair of course! You still want to stand out)

The key is how you deliver your brand in all the material you produce – if your ethos is to be creative, fun and imaginative then that’s exactly what your material should look like.

Here at Red Squirrel Marketing we have developed a fool proof approach to delivering branding identities and branding services in Cardiff, Aberystwyth and farther afield. From dance companies to flooring we don’t believe in just making things look good, we create branding identities that work well too. You need to target the right audiences, deliver noticeable results and of course those essential brand guidelines so that everyone in your business knows exactly where your logo should be placed - on business cards to your website, the exact colours across all of your marketing material.

What we think a brand should be:

  • Brands need PERSONALITY. Not to be fake, but authentic and trustworthy.

  • Your brand needs to reach out to the right person not every person, its not always about being the loudest but focusing on your key audience.

  • Remember people will Google search for everything and anything and you want your brand to stand out to the right people instantly.

  • There’s more branding going on now than ever before so don’t be more white noise. Stand Out.

We’ll listen to your exact requirements, research avenues you may not have explored and think a little outside the box to make sure you have something completely unique.

If you’re business is struggling to show its identity, or you may just want a brand revamp (let’s face it all the big brands do it, even BHS need to look at their brand identity for instance) we’re here to help.

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