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Digital Marketing For Your Business

How do you reach your customers online in this digital age of marketing, you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google and you follow companies, you see ads and you’re always being sold something. 80% (and rising) of consumers today rely on the web to find and choose a business or a product.

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So how do they find you, how do they find that photographer in Cardiff, the florist in Aberystwyth or the Sports Club in Newport? It normally starts with a Google search, a Twitter search, a browse on Facebook and they have found you right? Not that easy when there are 10 other people selling the same service in your area.

So some tips for you to STAND OUT with your digital marketing.

  1. Update your website, if it hasn’t been updated for years its time to update it, make it clean, fresh, mobile friendly and current with all your services etc.

  2. Whilst we are talking about your website, is your SEO up to date? This is where you will top the Google lists and allow clients to find you on page 1 of Google search.

  3. What about a blog? You’re reading our blog so why not have a blog for your service? It doesn’t have to be war and peace just relevant info, it also helps to have keywords in your blog, if you’re unsure just let us know.

  4. Do you have a Goggle account for your business, does it appear on Google maps? Why not? If you want people to find you this will help them along with info on your website and a short bio.

  5. Social Media. Your business is on social media so promote it! We have a few blog posts regarding Twitter and Facebook and how to get the best exposure online. Follow these tips and see an improved engagement with your clients and potential clients.

  6. Email marketing is used by everyone, we receive 10s of emails every day from clothing retailers, fellow marketing companies, drink brands and much more. These come straight to the phone and are straight in front of us. Yes they can be annoying and some are just plain spam but if it’s done correctly it can seriously increase your brand awareness and increase sales.

  7. Imagery is key with all of the above, static imagery and video are everywhere and to promote your brand in this digital age you need images, photos of your product, your team, event coverage and general images that you can share online across all your platforms.

These tips above are just a drop in the ocean but if these are implemented and done correctly you could be reaching more potential customers, more often with relevant info and content and top that Google search.

If we can help in any way, you where we are

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