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Marketing week in Aberystwyth

Last week we spent a week in the seaside town of Aberystwyth, some of it was leisure time but most of it was meeting new and current clients delivering free 1 to 1 marketing sessions for businesses.

We didn’t expect as many businesses at first but our days were slowly filling up and we were fully booked on three of the days, all in all we saw 18 new businesses and drank lots of coffee.

We gave advice on all things marketing from digital marketing such as email, social media and websites as well as traditional marketing including print such as flyers and brochures.

The feedback we had was great too, many of the businesses put in place some of the tips straight away and all have seen an improvement in their marketing strategy.

We are hoping to keep in contact with all the businesses we spoke with and we can’t wait to see how we have helped them in reaching new heights.

We are planning some other sessions in Aberystwyth but also in Cardiff and the surrounding areas to try and help more and businesses with their marketing, watch out for our workshops coming soon too.

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