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New updates to LinkedIn

With all of the other social media channels stealing the headlines on a daily basis, LinkedIn seems to happily roll out the odd change here and there without a fuss. Here are some updates from their blog...

Every day, millions of people and companies are talking on LinkedIn: helping each other to find new opportunities, discussing the latest news that affects their jobs and careers, and sharing their own ideas and experiences with others. We’re always working on new and better ways to help you talk with each other and wanted to share some of the latest:

Share a photo and tag people, so others can get to know them too.

Think you recognize someone in the photo? Or just want to make sure your co-worker knows when you upload a photo with them in it? Now when you post a photo, you can tag people in it. The world seems smaller and your community a little tighter when you let people know who is who.

Reactions, for when you need more than a “like”

When your teammate is promoted, you “clap.” You show “love” to a friend who shares an experience with you. You may feel a spark, like a “lightbulb,” when you hear an insightful idea. With reactions, you can more easily have these meaningful and constructive interactions on LinkedIn.

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