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Business closed but open

The high streets are dead, coffee shops closed and there's nowhere to train, the world has flipped upside down in a matter of weeks and businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

Some big businesses will be fine and come through the other side but we have had countless emails from smaller businesses asking how they are going to market and sell now that everything is closed?

There can be good news for some businesses, there are going to be ways in which you can bring income back into the business right now, we have helped some businesses with selling gift cards, selling their products online or offering their service live online rather than in person.

Our clients at UFit we have helped set up and run LIVE classes with their PT's at the gym, this has allowed them to stay in touch with members as well as helping members stay fit. Our other clients The Commodore Cinema we have helped them run weekly quizzes on their page, not something that draws in income but helps keep the Commodore in the forefront of people thoughts and the their social media following engaged.

If you need any advice or help with your marketing during these difficult times please get in touch with us.


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