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How to Create and Promote Explainer Videos

Follow these steps to produce explainer videos for your video marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your website.

Are how to videos part of your social marketing?

Looking to find out how you can improve them?

Explainer videos help your customers and promote your product or service.

Why use Explainer Videos in your Marketing?

Video is one of the most powerful forms of social media content. If youre not sharing video, but your competitor is, then they have the persuasion tool you don’t.

Explainer videos are short (60 – 90 seconds) that start with a customer problem and end with the solution to that problem. You can use explainer videos to introduce a new product, service or company or to clarify an exact problem and solution.

Here’s 5 tips on how to get the most from explainer videos:

#1 Outline your explainer video

These videos have 2 parts: problem and solution. You need to create a visual story and to do this you need an outline.

#2 Create a character that draws people into the stor and then introduce relatable problems that your customer wants to solve – hook them by playing to their fears ad worries so they can’t look away.

#3 Then make the solution look impressive. Show how your product or service fixes every one of the problems you exposed. Show what it feels like when those problems are solved.

#4 Finish with a clear all to action – Contact us! Download our ebook and provide contact details including your URL, links to downloads and your phone number.

#5 Work with a Video Marketing producing company (cough cough like us for example)

Be prepared to be flexible in you video plan . Creating even a short explainer video can take up to 2 months.

The process normally goes like this: You write a script based on your outline, we create a storyboards, you give feedback, we animate the storyboard, you give more feedback and finally we produce a great video.

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