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5 Top Twitter Tips

305 million monthly active users, yes twitter is here to stay and the micro-blogging service that has seen some changes recently is as popular as ever.

Is your business on twitter?

Red Squirrel Twitter Tips

If not we advise you to get straight over there and choose your twitter handle and get promoting and posting about your business.

Here are 5 tips to start you on the road to twitter success (3 more tips are coming next week)

  1. Fill in your twitter profile to the max, use up all the characters, link to your webpage, your area and maybe a hashtag or two ##.

  2. Imagery is everything, use your company logo and a great image for your cover. Maybe a team photo or some info graphics explaining your business more? just make sure its clear and the correct size.

  3. Set up a plan of tweets and be consistent, don’t flood twitter with 100 tweets a day for the first two days then go silent for the next 6 months. A steady stream of tweets, describing you or your business, promoting your products or blogs. If you want to automate tweets then use tweetdeck or hootsuite but always remember live tweeting and responding to tweets goes much further than automating your entire twitter feed.

  4. Back to imagery, it really is extremely important. Use images, GIFS and videos. Make them relevant to the tweet or conversation and again make sure the quality of the image is perfect. 140 characters may not be enough to promote your product so let an image or video do the talking, if it’s video marketing your after visit our video marketing page for more info.

  5. Engage with your audience; respond to mentions and DM’s (direct messages) as well as using it to generate conversations with possible clients. If nobody is talking to you? Then start a conversation, open up a poll or tag some followers in an image, be sociable; it’s a social network after all.

We hope these tips can start you off on your twitter adventure or maybe help you with your current twitter feed, 3 more tips coming your way next week to step up your twitter game. Follow us on twitter @nuts_about_ #nutsabout

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